Amber Form Maker

Create custom forms with personalized layouts and designs

Powerful collection of form objects

Drag and drop to add new form objects. Build custom forms in minutes!

  • Auto suggest fields
  • Input fields
  • Paragraph fields
  • Dropdown lists
  • Calendar date pickers
  • Time pickers
  • Tables
  • Checkbox
Import and export data

Amber supports import and export of data in CSV format.

  • Support import of entire CSV file as well as selected columns
  • Support full data reloads and data append
Built-in sample templates

Get started with a blank database or choose one of the sample templates. Customize everything, make it your own.

Sample templates include:
  • Real estate listing database
  • Vet new patient registrations
  • Product inventory
  • Garden plants inventory
  • Vacation planner database

Smart form calculations and relational mappings

  • Auto calculate age from birthdates
  • Auto generate unique form IDs
  • Calculate derived fields with formula inputs
  • Link form fields for quick reporting and analysis
  • Supports multiple data filters

Multi-record data view with tables

  • Supports both reporting and new record insertion
  • Fully customizable rows and columns
  • Supports link to multiple forms
  • Supports child tables
  • Supports totals, groupings and simple math calculations
  • Supports linked auto suggest helpers
Search and browse

  • Data view shows record-level form entries with searchable columns
  • Easy data navigation with pagination
  • Simple record deletion and modification